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  1. Please contact the QSI Service Team at (316) 721-3656 if you need to adjust your rates, add/remove services, or change trip charges.
  2. Please forward a service brochure if applicable in addition to the completed profile.
  3. It is against QSI policy to sub-contract any work without the written consent of QSI.
  4. QSI does not allow 2 men crews unless set forth in the work order.
  5. Your rate must include tax.

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Your company rates will remain in effect until an updated Vendor Profile is submitted. All invoices for work accepted prior to an updated Vendor Profile must be billed at the rates set forth in the previous Vendor Profile which was in effect when the work was accepted. All work performed on behalf of QSI is subject to the Work Order, which incorporates by reference the Terms and Conditions applicable to Vendors.

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